Space Adventure Room Decor Kit 41127

SKU: 41127


Overall size of each sheet is 1.5ft wide x 1.12ft high / 18.11” high x 13.39” wide / 46cm high x 34cm wide / 0.46m high x 0.34m wide.

Is your child fascinated by space, the planets, rockets and astronauts? This fab Space Adventure room décor kit is perfect for children of all ages to add interest to their walls and inspire their learning and imagination. The kit includes 69 wall stickers including the sun and all the planets, labelled to help children learn their names, as well as a variety of other space-related images. Our innovative room décor kits contain everything you need to totally transform any room in minutes. The easy to use stickers can be applied to any wall, door or furniture for instant results. Go create, Simply peel and stick! your room has never looked so good.